Complete Discography

  • creattica

All of our digital and physical releases are available via our very own platforms, Fyutchaflex TV, Fyutchaflex Radio and Fyutchaflex IPTV.

CDFYU001 - Raggatech selection
FYU002 Organized Grime volume 1
FYU003 Meditation / Dark Tomorrow
FYU004 Grime related
FYU005 Chaos seed / Just for you Berlin
FYU006 - Chaos seed / In your arms
FYU007 - De Spiria
FYU008 - Ladies' night
FYU009 - The future sound of Dubstep volume 1
FYU010 - The future sound of Dubstep : Genesis
FYU011 - Coming of Age EP
FYU012 - Wachenroder EP
ZRD020LP - Rare Grooves 2 LP
FYU013 - Entkunstung / De Spiria Opus II
FYU014 - These times of despair EP
FYU015 - Musica Sola EP
FYU016 - Kunstlehre / Sachlichkeit
FYU017 - Das Elend bleibt
FYU018 - Future Garage volume 1
FYU019 - Future Garage volume 2
FYU020 - Rerum Novarum LP
FYU021 - Project Camelot
FYU022 - Future Garage volume III
FYU023 - A Bridge Between Us
FYU024 - Run Away
FYU025 - Warheit
FYU026 - Changes
FYU027 - Sonnenklar
FYU028 - Einsamkeit
FYU029 - Back to the Jungle
FYU030 - Myka EP
FYU031 - Arashi Remix EP
FYU032 - Deep Rollers Volume 1
FYU033 - Halifax State of Mind
FYU034 - Dubtechno is a Feeling
FYU035 - Yukikaze EP
FYU036 - Einsamkeit Opus II
FYU037 - DarkSide Soldier
FYU038 - Android Blues Remixes (2016)
FYU039 - Raindance
FYUSD001 - Black Disc
FYUSD002 - White Disc
FYUSD003 - The Box

A Crisis of accessibility and overabundance - an overabundance of mediocrity, a dull ocean of grey sameness - threatens not only the essence of the music experience but also the very existence of the Music Industry as we know it. This Crisis is leading us, and fast, towards a musical Dark Age: the "Entkunstung" - the deartification of Music. But what can a lone firm hope to accomplish in the face of rising insensibility to Music? What Fyutchaflex can do is set the example: proceed rigorously and methodically in regards to publishing. My sincere hope is that there will be people, out there, who will heed the call of Fyutchaflex and tune in - who will focus and listen, and give to great music, truly great music, the attention it deserves.

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